TCC to FSU: A Helping Hand

Nicolaus Lopez is a senior at Florida State
University who’s majoring in Information Technology. Lopez is also the acting president of Transfers Helping Transfers.

The Talon: What does Transfers Helping Transfers do?

Nick Lopez: “This organization is here to help transfer students transition into Florida State University. I myself was a transfer from the University of Central Florida, and when I came to Florida State, I was basically two years behind the average freshman. When I transferred I didn’t have those friend groups you develop as a freshman when you’re in the same general education classes as others. So this organization is here for the people that transfer in and don’t have anyone.This club is a way for you to meet new friends and people, but it’s not an end all be all.”

The Talon: What kind of activities does THT provide?

Nick Lopez: “We have a lot of events. We’ll go to the FSU reservation where we can go kayaking or paddle boarding. We also go to FSU football games, basketball games, baseball games, and we even go to the FSU circus. THT also has board game nights and just a lot of fun events to break the ice. College is already stressful, so this is a way to have fun instead of add more stress.”

Nick Lopez (pictured center, right) and some members of Transfer Helping Transfers hanging out at Food Truck Thursday.

The Talon: As the president of THT, what is your role?

Nick Lopez: “I organize a lot of the events. I work with a lot of the other organizations so if there’s another organization doing something fun, like relay for life, we’ll work with them. We work with a lot of organizations within the Florida State College of Communications and Information because they have a lot of career building events such as resume building, LinkedIn workshops, and information sessions. You’re coming into your second year, so a lot of people are thinking about internships and jobs. During the recruiting season in early fall and spring, we have a lot of those events with companies to help get our students noticed.”

The Talon: So basically you help inform students of important career-building events?

Nick Lopez: “I help our students sign up for the events. We create events on Facebook, where we do most of our communications. So, we put all of the events on there so the transfer students can see them. We’re not forcing people to come to any of these events, think of it more as a message board just to get the information out.”

The Talon: How will this organization benefit prospective transfer students?

Nick Lopez: “It’s just helping that transition so you don’t feel so lonely. That’s probably the worst feeling as a transfer when you get to another college. You leave behind the friends you created at that other university and you’re kinda starting over. Essentially, we’re like a support group.”

The Talon: How can interested transfer students get in contact with THT?

Nick Lopez: “We’re creating a public THT group on Facebook. If you search for Transfers Helping Transfers FSU, you should be able to find us. We can also be reached at”