Theatre TCC to Present Production of Award-winning Musical “Pippin”

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Theatre TCC has a history of producing a variety of world-renowned and award-winning plays.

From Young Frankenstein, to Catch Me If You Can, to The Crucible, TCC’s performing arts program has covered a wide berth of classic and widely accessible musicals and comedies. This semester, this trend will continue.

Theatre TCC will be putting on a production of “Pippin,” the famous play by Stephen Schwartz and Bob Fosse, on April 6-8 and April 13-15. The play will start at 8 p.m. and will focus on Pippin, the son of Charlemagne, searching for his purpose and fulfillment in life.

Jillian Wesolowski is the director of TCC’s version of the play. Wesolowski believes that audience members will constantly have something to look at or appreciate during the play.

“There’s just a constant sensory overload,” Wesolowski said. “There’s tricks going on all the time; there’s people popping out of random holes in the show. There’s never really a slow moment.”

Zack Silver, a student at TCC, has been cast in the titular role of the play. Silver thinks that what makes Pippin such a great character and what draws audience members into the play is the ability to truly understand him.

“For once, this isn’t a role that I need to dig too deep into,” Silver said. “It’s not that I’m trying to be lazy about it, but I feel like I can relate to it and a lot of people can.”

Silver thinks that audiences will be surprised at the directions the show takes.

“It being the type of show it is, it prevents something very familiar and gets everyone kind of locked on, and then it takes everyone for a ride and no one really knows where it’s going,” Silver said.

Silver and Wesolowski would love for TCC students and staff to join him on his journey. Admission is free.