Artists of TCC: Sedricka Morris

TCC Talon’s Natalia Areas sat down with Sedricka Morris, a TCC student whose passion is her art. Morris paints in her free time and is currently working towards her dream of becoming a recognized fashion designer. 

TCC student, Sedricka Morris is very passionate about the arts.                                             


When did you discover your artistic abilities?


“I actually discovered my talent when I was three years old by drawing on the hallway wall with a box of crayons that my mom bought me for Christmas.”


Where do you get your inspiration from?


“My 9th-grade art teacher, Mr. Stefano. He motivates me to finish all my artworks because sometimes, I can be hard on myself about every little mistake I make.”


Would you like to become an artist?


“I plan on majoring in fashion design. I don’t have much time to paint anymore and artist don’t get paid that well. Though I have been drawing tattoos for my friends.”




“I drew this art piece because I feel that at birth, people take over our pureness and parents do not teach their kids about equality. Segregation was abolished by the Civil Right Act, but this is the year of 2017 and racism still remains. I believe that God made everyone in his own image; racism is not born in children’s hearts, but is placed in them by their families who feed them negativity.”

“I started adding halos to all my artwork to have a unique art style. I get my inspiration from several images I’ve found on the internet and then I start creating my own sketches.”









“I was in the 4th grade when his presidency came about. My teacher was having each student choose the new president as a class assignment. I remember writing on my paper, I choose Barack Obama because I believe he will bring peace to every race like Martin Luther King Jr. It’s not about him being African American, it’s what he brought to the table.”
“This is a sketch of Obama. I used shadows and a lot of details on his eyes and I also tried to capture his facial expressions.”




“When I was in high school, I was running for Miss RHS, in other words, high school queen.  For the coronation, the candidates had to present their talent and I decided to present my artwork. This artwork was one of my biggest accomplishments because it was my first time painting rather than sketching.”

“I used watercolors and regular paint; I wanted to make it look natural. My art instructor helped me with the background and the realistic details. The name of this art piece is “Chestnut Beauty” and it is representing black history month. Most of my paintings are of natural, African-American women.”