Post Irma Class Crunch

By: Talon Staff

After Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on South Florida and some U.S. territories, barely skimming Tallahassee leaving little to no damage, students are still left to pick up the pieces of their academic lives.

With TCC scheduling a week and a day off for the hurricane, so students could prepare or evacuate if needed, many students are left with hectic schedules, extra homework or missing curriculum from their courses. Professors had to make hard decisions when it came to their class scheduling.

Whether it was pushing tests and presentations back or completely nixing sections from the course to make up for time, students are missing out on something. The Talon staff interviewed TCC students to see how they were affected by the hurricane.

Grady Shafer

TCC 2nd year

Stuff was pushed back but it hasn’t hindered any learning. Teachers have handled the week off very well, being in constant communication with us on any updates

                                                                                                                                                           Chase Savary

TCC 2nd year

Everything has been pushed back. Test and stuff have been delayed. We haven’t really missed anything, it’s all just been slowed down and gone farther back


Amber Meyers

TCC 1st year

My Positive Living teacher pushed back our presentations by a week. Also, my Public Speaking gave everyone a week advancement on our speeches.


Tavontae Rhodes

TCC 2nd year

“It hasn’t affected me as much as my parents. They had a big tree branch fall through the roof and are still having to handle that situation.”


Dony Jean Charles

TCC 2nd year

“My family was more affected than me when it comes to power outages, my little brothers couldn’t do school work and stuff. With me here, schedules were messed up with my assignments and just daily timing, that’s pretty much it.


Tyler Antonucci

TCC 2nd year

“It really hasn’t affected mine, but it did my family down in Central Florida with the power going out and not being able to go to work. Other than that I just had a few assignments that were pushed back.”

Latece Buford


“Well I’m officially from Iowa so I went back home to avoid the storm. So going home and back to Tallahassee was a hassle. Plus the whole week or so that we had off made it hard to get back into school mode. I’m extremely happy that our Tallahassee wasn’t affected.”


Alexander Hale


“The storm just put me all out of place. Getting back to my regular schedule was difficult at first but I eventually adjusted. It honestly seemed to mess up professors more than anyone. They’ve been scrambling to adjust their lesson plans.”


Caleb Dros

TCC 2nd year

“Irma didn’t really affect me that much. Thankfully, most of my professors said not to worry about anything and have delayed most of the school work.”


Connor Swain

TCC 2nd year

“Post Irma has really affected my school work, I take an online math class and the deadlines had been pushed back so now it’s all crashing down on me.”


Popi Tsalickis

TCC 2nd year

“Post Irma has made me unmotivated to get back into school, I feel like I was on vacation. Now all my homework is due and I have tests and to be honest I don’t even really remember what we were learning before Irma.”


Kaitlyn Maloney

TCC 2nd year

“Post Irma has caused me to feel very stressed out because now all of my schooling is being crammed into a shorter time frame, resulting in me having to multitask. I also find myself  studying harder and longer because of Irma canceling a week plus of classes.”