Positively Post-It

By: Katherine Booker, Talon Editor

Students in Lauren Fletcher and Kelly Thayer’s ENC1102 classes decided to have a Positivity Post-It day at Tallahassee Community College.

The project was held Wednesday, Nov. 29 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Student Union.

The students all voted on what would be the best to spread happiness throughout the week.

Student Lauren Watford said it was a “write one take one option” where students could either write a positive Post-It or take one.

“It’s supposed to help you de-stress before finals,” Watford said.

Another student Bailee Smith was also helping to encourage students to either write or take a Post-It.

“If you see this and it sticks with you all day it can keep you going,” Smith said.

Students asked everyone that walked past their table if they wanted to participate, trying to encourage everyone to have a positive day.

Mrs. Fletcher and Dr. Thayer’s students considered the Positive Post-Its a “project to bring happiness” and help students stressed about finals.

Students Lauren Watford, Bailee Smith, Carly Hummel and LaTeryka McKinnon write on Post-Its. The Post-Its were a part of a project for the students ENC11102 class to promote positivity before finals. “Positive vibes gives positive energy,” McKinnon said.




Positive Post-Its are put on the wall behind the Positively Post-It table. Students wrote positive notes to help with stress before finals.





Student Dawson Wiehaus places a Post-It on the Positively Post-It wall. He was one of the many students from the ENC1102 class helping to get students to join in the project. “We’re trying to spread positivity and good energy to the other students,” Wiehaus said.




Snacks with positive notes are available for those writing positive Post-Its. The snacks and notes were to help with stress from finals and make others days better.