Why Colleges Should Extend Thanksgiving Break

By: Katherine Booker, Talon Editor | Opinion

Thanksgiving is a time to spend with loved ones and share thanks for the good things in one’s life.

Now that Thanksgiving Break is coming up one question I have had since I started college is relevant again: why isn’t the break a whole week?

In most secondary education institutions, colleges allot only three days to Thanksgiving Break, holding classes on Monday and Tuesday.

This puzzled me my first fall semester and puzzles me again in my second fall semester.

Throughout my education Thanksgiving Break was always a whole week. This gave both students and teachers a chance to regroup and catch up on school work. For many, it was a way to prepare for upcoming exams and papers that were due after the break.

With students knowing they are about to have a few days off can encourage them to skip their classes on Monday and Tuesday. Whether it be because they just don’t see a point in going or because they have family plans or trips that are scheduled at the beginning of the week. Students use the upcoming days off as an excuse to slack off or skip classes.

Thanksgiving Break, in my opinion, is the Spring Break of the fall semester, a way to relax and catch up.

Extending Thanksgiving Break two more days would do more good than harm because it would help students out with their school work, stress levels and family plans.

I did a Twitter poll and 86 percent of voters believe Thanksgiving Break should be extended.

Talking with some students showed they opinions mirrored the twitter polls.

Tallahassee Community College Duel Enrollment Student Wynter Harvey said yes to having the whole week off.

“So many people go out of town and public and private schools are off for the whole week in Leon and Wakulla Counties,” Harvey said.

Tallahassee Community College Junior Ursula Perano said “It allows more leniency for students to travel with their families without risk of being penalized.”

Most students, like me, are in agreeance when it comes to extending Thanksgiving Break to a full week. The two extra days could allow students more time with their families and to not have to worry about the consequences of missing classes.

 Katherine Booker is the editor for The Talon.