Hoodie Trends

By: Carson Leigh Olson and Maria Tsalickis, Talon Staff

You know those outfits we all wear without trying to make it something? Little did we know that the things we take for granted are sometimes the most important. Nowadays, without even knowing it you can throw on a hoodie and rock it anywhere.

Originally invented for factory workers in the 1920s and adopted by football players, the hoodie would be embraced by the hip-hop revolution and then the fashion world gaining favor for its warmth, effortlessness, and un-trendy vibe. Now the hoodie is a common sight showing up on the celebrity circuit and on college campuses alike.


Tallahassee Community College student Brittni McNeil said she has worn hoodies since childhood.

“It’s just something easy to throw on,” McNeil said.







TCC graduate Derica Jackson said hoodies can allow personal expression and can be a way to show pride for institutions too.

“Well, I went to school here. I just graduated so I love this hoodie,” Jackson said of her TCC hoodie.

Jackson also said hoodies are an easy clothing item for going anywhere including the workplace.



Not everyone agrees, though. Daniel Agammato, a TCC student majoring in risk management, said the hoodie is too casual for the workplace.

Both Agammato and Jackson agree, though, that the hoodie is perfect for a day on campus.







The hoodie can be styled with almost any outfit for a casual, all-day look to rock to classes.

It is all about the untrendy vibe here with the hoodie. Cool, casual and very effortless, think of any outfit in the world and it can be styled it with a hoodie.

We suggest three different ways to style a hoodie. The edgy pairs a big hoodie with ripped boyfriend jeans. The gym look throws a cropped hoodie over leggings. Or grab your go-to hoodie and favorite tennis shoes for a long day of classes.






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