Tennis Shoe Rivalries

By: Carson Leigh Olson, Talon Staff

Sneaker rivalries are not a new phenomenon. For decades, it’s been a little war with companies like Nike, Adidas, Converse and Vans striving to outdo one another.

Sometimes it can become the clash of brands when it comes to sports. Nike and Adidas are two huge sport clothing manufacturers and have been for decades. Many people pick between the two for sports, fitness and style, but the brands are also worn by some of our favorite athletes and celebrities.

Brand is definitely a factor in tennis shoe choices but it is not the only one. Affordability, comfort, and fit also contribute to consumers’ decisions and many shoppers buy shoes from both rival companies.

TCC student Emily Miranda said comfort is the most important factor when shopping for shoes.

“I don’t really buy shoes depending on the brand I just buy whatever’s comfortable for my feet and you know,” Miranda said.


Kourtney Kardashian rocks black tennis shoes with an all red look.

Deondra Jackson also a TCC student said she does not buy shoes based on brand either.

“I just shop around,” Jackson said.



Deondra Jackson loves her Converse tennis shoes but is not against buying Vans.

TCC student Luzia Soria said affordability is a big deterrent to brand loyalty.

“Well it really depends like things that are on sale most of the time I find Under Armour to be on sale,” Soria said.

A staple for the college wardrobe we suggest these four tennis shoes for an eclectic, brand-mixing look.


Luzia Soria mixes and matches brands for adorable and affordable outfits.


Converse shoes with a flame design make any outfit a little bit more interesting.

Nike shoes in black are perfect for a workout and then a day of classes too. Dress them up or down.


These Converse set outfits on fire.




Black Nikes offer amazing versatility.

These red Adidas high tops are a bold pop of color to go with black or dark jean outfits.





Red Adidas shoes rock the classic three stripes.

Surprise friends and passersby with these whimsical Vans.






This pair of Vans makes every outfit a work of art.

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