Seafood Bliss

At the bottom of
the ocean you lurk seeking
your prey, bam snip snap
You’re caught, trapped within
You strike and tussle, but the
battle is lost, shoved
into a cooler
Temporarily you sit
In a pot of hot
water, sprinkled with
seasoning salt, garlic, old bay
marinated in
butter, you’re steamed to
perfection, ready to be
devoured by me

The Russell Review: Split

In 1999, few film directors were getting as much buzz as M. Night Shyamalan. Hot off of the release of his breakout hit The Sixth Sense, people were eager to see what he would do next. While his next few releases, Unbreakable and Signs, were met with generally positive reviews, it was clear that the quality of his movies was slowly deteriorating. A decade later, his movies were becoming critically panned. Ask anyone who saw The Last Airbender or The Happening and they probably won’t have much, if anything, good to say about it. However, in 2015, Shyamalan surprised skeptic audiences with his horror-comedy The Visit.  With the announcement of his next movie, Split, a thriller starring James McAvoy as a man diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder who abducts three teenage girls, many were cautiously excited. Would Shyamalan be able to produce two hits in a row after nearly a whole decade of misfires? This reviewer is happy to say that he absolutely accomplished this task.

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Five Tips to Use Instagram More Effectively

Are you new to Instagram or bored with your account? Do you look at other people’s post with envy? Are you frustrated wondering why you can’t get more than 30 likes on your pictures? If your answer to any of these questions was yes then this is the story for you. These are my five tips to help you turn your Instagram account into one that makes everyone else jealous of you.

  1. Timing

As the saying goes, “there’s a time a place for everything”. This rule applies to social media for sure. Each social media apparatus has a different time for when it is most appropriate to post in order to get the most views or likes. For Instagram the best time to post a picture and have the most amount of people to see it is anytime between 5-9 p.m. At this time most everyone will be out of classes and off work. Don’t expect to see many likes on a picture posted at six in the morning or midnight.

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TCC Student Artist To Watch: Harry Lucas

By Jairo Cortés-Marín

While appearing to be the normal, fun college student, 18-year-old TCC freshman Harry Lucas has more to him than most would expect. With his life motto being “Be here now”, he is a young man making the most out of his opportunities in a wide array of manners.

Born in Chapel Hill, N.C., Lucas has lived in a handful of other places in the U.S, including Colorado, Tallahassee, and several other cities within the state of Florida. Throughout the years he has become a well-rounded artist in every sense of the word; creating pieces in mediums as sculpture, painting and performance art, while writing and performing stand-up comedy.

Beginning with art classes at the age of six Lucas discovered a passion for art.  That wouldn’t be his only passion though, as his mother was an English teacher and it arose another big interest for him: reading. “There were so many books around, so I just always read a lot”, said Lucas, “I just always focused on the fringe subjects, those that pushed my mind to new limits”. It was those readings that inspired him to look beyond what’s commonly accepted and established and fuel his artistic pursuits.

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Another Successful Year for Eyrie

By Jairo E. Cortés-Marín

Tallahassee Community College’s award winning Art and Literary Magazine, the Eyrie, is known for showcasing the best art and literature the diverse student body of that TCC has to offer. As part of its mission, it focuses on upholding a standard of quality, good taste, and creativity.

Composed of a student faculty, the Eyrie is published once a year, every spring semester. It is unique in the fact that it is offered as a credit course, which students can sign up for, and become a staff member, in a staff that changes every year.

The process culminates with the unveiling event, in where the latest edition is revealed to the public. This year’s event was held Tuesday, April 12 in the Fine and Performing Arts Center on TCC campus. It was an evening filled with emotion, excitement and much involvement from the staff, featured artists, and viewers.

Editor Megan Stroh (on the left) and Advisor Nicolette Costantino (on the right) pose for a photo during the Eyrie unveiling event.
Editor Megan Stroh (on the left) and Advisor Nicolette Costantino (on the right) pose for a photo during the Eyrie unveiling event.

Members of the Eyrie staff, advisors to the magazine, and several featured artist took the floor and spoke to the audience, focusing on the powerful artwork that composes this year’s 35th Edition.

A special moment was experienced when a minute of silence was held, in honor of former staff member Markeal Dickey, who passed away in an accident during the summer of 2015. A special recognition was also given to Dr. Marge Banocy-Payne for her many contributions to the magazine throughout the years.

Young Thug Ends Trilogy: Slime Season 3 Review

5 starzzzz

By Alec Palombo

If you thought that Young Thug was simply going to be another phase rapper, Thug put that notion in a casket, literally. After teasing fans with wrong release dates for months, Thug brought out a casket to his South By Southwest performance donned in spray paint, reading “Slime Season 3: 3/25/16”. After all the hype around the Slime Season series, Thug definitely delivered and put the trilogy to rest properly.

With songs like “Power” and “Best Friend” peaking high on the charts from the previous two Slime Season’s, Thug continued his momentum. Prepping for his debut album “Hy!£UN35” (formally pronounced HiTunes), Thug has built a cultish following after releasing a high volume of projects in a short amount of time.

Formally a Gucci Mane protégée, Thug’s career really took off after his 2015 release “Barter 6” a play on words of Lil Wayne’s series of “The Carter’s”. Lil Wayne did not take lightly to this, dissing the Atlanta rapper and urging his fans not to support Young Thug. Things even escalated to Wayne’s tour bus getting shot up in Atlanta, and Young Thug being investigated for being responsible for it.

The mixtape itself saw a lot of success, with songs like “With That,” “Check,” and “Halftime” seeing major commercial success. Since then, Williams has cemented himself as a legitimate star in hip-hop. Let’s hold off on comparing him to someone like Lil Wayne just yet, but Thug’s unique flow and beat picking definitely remind fans a little bit of Wayne. But don’t tell Lil Wayne fans that.

Slime Season 3 starts off with the banger “With Them,” produced by fellow Atlanta artist and longtime collaborator Mike Will Made-it.  The song was previously premiered at Kanye’s fashion show at Madison Square Garden earlier this year, and was the first of eight songs on the tape. Much to fans demise, Slime Season 3 is shorter than the previous Slime Season’s, but was done as an attempt to eliminate “filler” music and make for a more cohesive tape

Though the project is only eight tracks long, Thug arguably made his best work yet, returning to making otherworldly sounding trap music. Songs like “Slime S***,” “Problem,” and “Memo” are perfect examples of why Thug has been on such a hot run lately, making himself one of the most polarizing rappers of 2016. Outside of Future and Young Thug, I don’t think any rapper in the game right now is releasing music as frequently as the rappers hailing from Atlanta.

“Memo,” “Digits,” “Tattoos,” and “Worth It” were all produced by London On Da Track, which should come as no surprise to people that have been listening to Thug for a while. London and Thug have been collaborating out of Atlanta since Thug’s career took off in 2014 with his hit singles “Stoner” and “About the Money.” Since then, the duo has gone on to release hits like “Power,” “Again,” and “Lifestyle.”

Despite seeing a decrease in the project length, it is a very good mixtape overall. Thug is mastering the far-out flow over peculiar, trancing beats and has landed himself in the middle of raps spotlight as a result. I would give the tape a solid 5/5 for Thug, with maybe the biggest complaint being that there was no Metro Boomin placement on the tape. Keep your eyes open for a slew of Thug projects set to release in 2016, with “HiTunes,” “MetroThuggin,” and “MigosThuggin” up on deck.

Kanye Releases Seventh Studio Album: TLOP Review


By Alec Palombo

In case you’ve been residing under a rock, Kanye West has had himself an interesting six months. Between the Yeezy boost hype, calling Bill Cosby innocent, his beef with Wiz (and Amber) on Twitter, changing the album title three times, and the birth of his first son, it was kind of easy to forget he had a new album on the way.

Alas, after three long years of waiting for one of the most hyped up projects of all time; it’s finally here. So Help Me God, SWISH, Waves, I mean The Life of Pablo was exclusively released via Tidal streaming on Feb. 14, and was later revealed that it would not be released through Apple music or any other music site.

West also formally announced the death of physical music via Twitter, declaring “The Yeezus album packaging was an open casket to CD’s R.I.P… uuuuuuum, so there it is… No more CDs from me.” Something I’m sure we’ll start to see more artists stray to as we dive further into the world of streaming music.

Kanye released his seventh album amid what feels like years’ worth of controversy, which shouldn’t be news for rap fans. Kanye has always been keen of taking the route of ruffling some feathers if it meant more press, and we see it time and time again in his seemingly daily Twitter rants.

Any publicity is good publicity they say. “Pablo” is said to be inspired by a mix of Kanye’s favorite artist Pablo Picasso, and Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar.  “I feel like Pablo when I’m working on my shoes, I feel like Pablo when I see me on the news,” he asserts in “No More Parties in L.A.”

Kanye tweeted that Pablo wasn’t a hip-hop piece; rather a gospel album. In the grand scheme of the album I’m not sure how that statement stands up, but the album starts off with a very soulful track produced by iconic super-producer Swizz Beats. The album kicks off with arguably it’s best song, “Ultralight Beams” featuring Chance the rapper. As far as lyrics go, you won’t be taken aback by anything Kanye has to say in this album. It’s full of one-liners and punchlines that will make you shake your head in amusement, but other than that Kanye wasn’t too serious with his bars on Pablo.

Like many Kanye West albums preceding this, the “wow factor” comes from the projects production value. Songs like “Waves,”“Ultralight Beam,” and “Wolves” sound like they could have been crafted from god himself, and they give the project a very blissful feel. Kanye took a lot of new approaches when it came to the construction and roll out of the album. He had the help of social media to make his final decisions; again, something I’m sure we’ll see more artists take part in.

West also had his fair share of help on this album, recruiting some big names for his features. From The dreary banger “FML,” featuring The Weeknd, to Kendrick Lamar on the soulful “No More Parties in L.A.,” the album is studded with stars from start to finish. Kanye even pulled off the unthinkable, getting Frank Ocean to appear on a track despite being on a four year hiatus from making music. Making some last minute changes, West replaced Vic Mensa to add Ocean’s verse to the unnerving, 808 filled track “Wolves.”

If you weren’t satisfied with “The Life of Pablo,” have no fear. West announced via Twitter that he will release three albums in 2016, with “Turbo Grafx 16” set to be his next project this coming summer.

Although Pablo is a one of a kind album, it’s easy to get lost in the hysteria behind it. After all the twitter rants, beefs, and statements that this would be the greatest album of all time, I’m not sure how precise that is. I’ll give the album 4/5 stars.

Four Peat: Future Continues Rap Domination With “Evol”


By Alec Palombo

Seriously does this guy ever sleep? In the last calendar year, Future has released over six full length projects. The Atlanta rapper earned three number one albums in seven months, something that only the Glee soundtrack can say they’ve accomplished.

“Evol” Is Future’s fourth studio album, coming off the heels of his “Purple Reign” mixtape that released two months ago. The album was promoted last minute via social media, dropping with little to no warning via a “major key alert” from DJ Khaled’s infamous snapchat.

Future sticks to his usual routine of rapping about high fashion, his drug habits (that he’s not proud of), dealing drugs, loyalty, and the women that come with his insane level of fame these days. Even though Future lacks an amazing lyrical ability, it’s his ability to flow over the beats so well that draws your ears in. Futures unique voice is often complemented by effects such as auto tune and reverb, flowing masterfully over some of the best producers in the world’s beats.

Future is in his prime right now and is dominating the genre as far as releases go. I’m not sure you can confidently say there’s another rapper as hot as Future right now, besides that guy from Canada.

As one could expect, Future stayed in-house with his production, rapping over mostly beats from the super-producers in Atlanta. Metro Boomin, Southside, TM88, Nard & B, and Zaytoven make their regularly scheduled appearance on yet another Future project. This should come as no surprise to Future fans, as the rapper has had an affinity for Atlanta producers for most of his career.

“Evol” is an 11 track album and almost all of its songs are able to hold your attention in their own special way. None of Evol’s tracks sound the same, with beats consisting of eerie melodies in the background, overlaid with intense snares and a heavy bass. Songs like “Ain’t No Time,” and “Lie To Me,” contain tons of beautiful synth ballads and very hard thumping drums, to songs such as “Maybach,” or “Fly S**t Only,” offering stimulating guitar lines throughout a majority of the song.

A pleasant surprise to some, “Evol’s” only feature was The Weeknd, linking together on the song “Low Life.” The highlights of the tape are “Maybach,” “Lil Haiti Baby,” and “Seven Rings”. “Maybach’s” captivating guitar riffs make the song pop, although repetitive, Future’s flow actually makes it sound fresh. “Little Haiti Baby” is one of Future’s most unique songs on this album, and shows you how much he has grown in the past year. The song has heavy hitting bells at a fast rate which can get anyone hyped up, and then Future comes in with a deeper and harsher voice to make the track a banger.

“Seven Rings” is yet another banger, and sounds as if it were recorded in a tunnel. Future raps about his Atlanta lifestyle over a very catchy chorus. No album is perfect yet Future almost got away with a flawless album, with maybe two bad spots on the project. Track nine, “Program” is repetitive and didn’t really hold my attention, and definitely will not be kept in rotation. Apart from “Program,” and “In Her Mouth,” there really isn’t a song worth skipping.

Future continues his streak for the ages, capitalizing on his cult like fan base that seems to grow by the day. #FutureHive changed the course of the rapper’s career, and he has ran off with it ever since. “Evol” is a solid 3.5/5.

Rebellious Rihanna Releases Eighth Album “Anti”

5 starz

By Angelique Fullwood

“I’ve got to do things my own way darling. Will you ever let me? Will you ever respect me? No.” 

These lyrics from the opening song “Consideration” provides context of the overall theme of Rihanna’s eighth studio album “Anti”. While she has persistently rejected the idea of being a role model, the way she confronts the conditions of her autonomy in the music industry and in her relationships is nothing short of inspirational.

After delivering an album every year since her debut “Music of the Sun,” fans waited four years for a new project after her last album, Unapologetic, released in 2012.

During her brief hiatus, she didn’t leave her Navy too thirsty- releasing songs like the politically charged  “American Oxygen,”  surprising us with “FourFIveSeconds” featuring Paul McCartney and Kanye West, and of course the 2015 summer banger “BBHMM” which had some folks speculating if it was an anthem championing equal pay for women or reparations (while others felt it was problematic).

Highly anticipated and anti-pop, “Anti” is Rihanna’s way of delivering a classic album that will define her career.  Thanks to a deal with Samsung and exclusive release on Tidal, it was downloaded more than 1.4 million times in 14 hours and became certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Racking up unanimous praise, this album is sonically brilliant from start to finish- exemplified through the creative collaborations with folks like James Fauntleroy, Timbaland, Travis Scott, Sia, and DJ Mustard and featuring the rawest vocals we’ve heard from Rihanna yet. The “Bad Gyal” from Barbados embodies what it means to be unapologetic by being more personal and intimate with her music in a way she’s never done before.

With the exception of her cover of Tame Impala’s “New Person/Same Old Mistakes” titled “Same ‘Ol Mistakes”, Rihanna has writing credit on every track.

Decimating any notions that she is just an “exotic” Pop Princess from the Caribbean, RiRi demands respect as an artist with tracks drawing from a range of music genres. From “Kiss it Better” and its epic rock ballad guitar riffs, or the dark and edgy “Desperado” to the doo-wop inspired “Love on the Brain,” each song on Anti has its own uniqueness while still functioning collectively as a cohesive body of work.   

Her lead single “Work” is a mid-tempo dancehall joint featuring Drake that shows her roots, saturated in West Indian vibes and Patois (not gibberish, which some people ignorant of Caribbean culture has criticized it as) became an instant hit. The success of “Work” is just an example of how “that Rihanna reign just won’t let up!” by spending five weeks in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100, making it her 14th number one song, tying with Michael Jackson for artist with the third most number ones.

What makes “Anti” such a special album is its ‘realness’ factor. The emotions feel genuine, the cultural nuances are authentic, and the content is relatable. I give this a 5/5 because Rihanna shines, making “Anti” worth the wait.