Katherine Booker
Executive Editor

Katherine Booker was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida. She was on the yearbook staff at her high school for two years. Her senior year she was one of the editors. Katherine has been interested in journalism since her sophomore year of high school when she took her first journalism class. She is planning transfer to Florida State University in fall 2018. Katherine will get her degree in communications. With that, she plans to have a career in journalism or public relations. Katherine’s favorite part of journalism is the interviewing and researching. She enjoys talking to others and learning new information on different topics.

Andrew Johnson
Sports Editor


Andrew Johnson’s dream of playing college ball was ruined when he tore his ACL. Still wanting to pursue a career in sports and having a niche for writing, Johnson found a new dream, sports journalism. His dream of sports writing came from the passion he has had for the game of sports, and the past he had in playing them as well. Johnson’s aspirations also stemmed from the mindset, that if he can’t play, both in college and professionally, he might as well write about the game instead. Johnson plans to major in sports journalism and receive a master’s degree from the University of Central Florida. Receiving his degree will make Johnson the first person in his family to obtain a master’s. He likes sports such as basketball and football. Johnsons said he has practically been a fan of Florida State University since birth.


Sage Hansard


Christopher Hansard goes by his middle name Sage. He is transferring to Florida State University in the Spring. Sage is going to be majoring in Communication and Media Studies with hopes to be a play-by-play announcer for ESPN. His love for athletics came from growing up in Sarasota, FL and playing multiple sports, most notably playing Quarterback for the football team. His favorite meal is a Publix Chicken Tender Sub with extra Ranch dressing.


Vendela Conley

Vendela Conley is from Tampa Florida, although she was originally born in Akron Ohio. She is planning to transfer to Florida State University in the Spring. Vendela is planning to major in communications and also receive a minor in hospitality. With her degrees, she wants to either work as a cruise director or become a hotel manager. Vendela also wants to visit Italy, something she could do with both of her career aspirations.







Colin Peaks

Colin Peaks is a graduate of Ponte Vedra High School. Peaks earned many accomplishments during high school while playing for the Lacrosse club. He was named one of the top players in the nation and was also selected to play in a local all-star game. This is Peaks first year as a TCC eagle. He previously attending Gettysburg College located in Pennsylvania, where he was the goalie for the Lacrosse team. Gettysburg was no.2 in the country when Peaks played for the club. Peaks isn’t sure about what he wants to major in but would like to study Psychology. He would specifically like to work as a Clinical Psychologist. If becoming a Clinical Psychologist isn’t the right path for Peaks he would like to pursue a career in Journalism.